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Download Unicorn Blocker Adblocker v1.9.9.1 FinalDownload Unicorn Blocker Adblocker v1.9.9.1 Final – Unicorn Blocker Is an Android application that is useful for blocking advertisements from sites on the internet. This paid application was developed by the developer of LYL Studio, even though this Adblocker Application is paid. There are still many users who have already installed 100,000 active users.

By using this Unicorn Blocker you can save Internet data by more than 50%. Speed of surfing even faster than usual is estimated to be 3x faster than surfing on the ordinary internet. But you also need to know this application can be used on smartphones that have Android above version 4.4.

But it can be ascertained for Android smartphones now definitely have a version above it. Unicorn Blocker application itself only supports 2 browsers, Samsung’s default browser, and also the Yandex browser, which later on during installation You are required to install one of them friend.

Immediately, for those of you who want to try to use the application, you can Download Unicorn Blocker Adblocker v1.9.9.1 Final for FREE at If you don’t believe, you can check at Google Play Store that this application is paid. Simply download the application via the choice of several servers below.


  • Can save Internet data up to 50%,
    Save battery by up to 21%,
    Added browsing speed up to 50%.


  • Yandex Browser
  • Samsung Internet 4.0 or higher required.


  • Memperbaiki masalah Icon terlihat kecil di beberapa perangkat.
  • Memperbaiki masalah halaman web yang rusak di beberapa perangkat


  1. First Download Unicorn Blocker Adblocker through the server below.
  2. Install the application, click next-next only, if you have not installed Samsung Internet or your Yandex Browser,
  3. choose one of them. Then click finish.
  4. Open the browser that you installed Enjoy,
  5. If you want to change the settings, you can change it in the Unicorn Blocker directly.



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Version: | Size: 9.2 Mb | Status: Tested

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Thank you for download Unicorn Blocker Adblocker v1.9.9.1 Final at, Hopefully it will be useful and useful for all of you. Don’t forget to DONATE and share with all of your friends so they can also save Internet data.

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